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ImageLet your workstation reflect your personality.

A workstation is almost a second home, considering that one spends a minimum of eight hours a day there, slogging hard at work. And from the various studies conducted, there's proof that a worker's performance is affected by his/her surroundings. Hence, personalising your workspace may just be one of the options to enhancing your productivity. There are easy ways in which you can spruce up the space and give it a trademark style. Here's how:

Organise: First of all, organise your stuff. The key lies in organising what's on your desk at regular intervals and throwing away stuff you no longer need. Get plastic racks so that you can stack up important papers and documents month-wise or project-wise, easing your task of finding them when needed.

Plan it right: You need to keep track of which tasks have been scheduled for which date. One of the best ways to do this is to have a desk planner. A good choice would be one with an attractive print or a quote that you can read at the start of every day or month. You can also mark out important dates — project submission dates, birthdays of family members and friends, important events or meetings that you have to attend and important tasks that you have scheduled — using bright, coloured marker pens.

Picture this : Pictures speak a thousand words and work wonders to give your space that personal touch. But don't go overboard, or you may come across as an overtly emotional homesick worker. Refrain from putting up pictures of you hugging and kissing your wife/ husband or girlfriend/boyfriend.

Go green: Get a small potted plant for your desk. The green of the plant provides good respite from the continuous and harmful glare of the computer screen. In fact, try out this exercise for your eyes. Stare at a green leaf as long as you can without blinking and then close your eyes tight, then slowly release. Repeat about five to seven times. Not only will this strengthen the muscles of your eyelids, but the watering you experience will also help in cleansing the eyes of tiny specks of dirt.

Go team go: Flags, banners and posters of your favourite sports team or sports person can be put up above your desk. Sporting affiliations make for great conversation topics, especially if you are looking to break the ice with colleagues in a new office.

Arty sorts: Kiddie drawing — done by your children or some kids in your family — in a range of happy colours, will go a long way in lifting up your mood on those bad days.