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It is common for people to weigh the pros and cons of an activity before committing to engaging in it. In other words, most logical people perform some form of a cost-benefit analysis before deciding to invest time and money into a new activity. This rule generally applies when people consider whether or not to learn the art of self defense.

However, although many people have a pretty good understanding of what the benefits may be, they do not fully realize the costs of not learning self defense. For instance, the benefits of learning self defense are pretty obvious: You will be better able to defend yourself, you will be in better shape, and you and your family will have increased safety due to your ability to offer better protection. But what are the costs of not learning self defense?

How far reaching are the effects of not taking the time to learn this fundamental skill? This article will briefly outline some of the most detrimental effects of not investing some time into learning self defense.

The most obvious cost of not learning self defense is that there is a chance that you will be attacked and not have the ability to protect yourself. In some instances, this could mean that you lose your wallet, and in extreme instances this could mean that you lose your life.

As neither of these are attractive alternatives, it could be extremely beneficial for you to look into learning some self defense techniques. In a perfect world, of course, you would not have to worry about these threats, but with the state of our society, these are real costs that you could suffer from not learning to defend yourself.

A second cost of not learning self defense comes in the form of low self esteem. Those who do not have the ability to protect themselves and their families cannot avoid having an underlying sense of fear. Even if this fear is at a frequency too low to recognize, it is there, and it leads to low self confidence. Unfortunately, this low self confidence transfers to just about every area of life.

So the cost of not learning self defense is more detrimental than most people realize, as low self confidence harms productivity in the workplace, in the family, and even in day to day social interactions.

Lastly, those who do not perform regular exercise suffer poor health and all the concomitant side effects. What you may not realize is that self defense training is excellent exercise and it can get you in the best shape of your life. As such, even if you never have to actually get into a fight, learning the art of self defense will provide you with great dividends. There is little that compares to the feeling of being in excellent shape, and you can have this experience by engaging in self defense training.

Being a logical person, you probably do not want to suffer the costs of not training in self defense.

Author: Mike McCoy