Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
My feelings are Raining
Let me have a glance of u come here for once
Eyes are desperate to have a glance of u
Neither are da days passing and da nights seem to be longer

I keep on talking about you and I frequently remember our dates
To get u’r love is wat I’m mad for
Wat I do is keep myself lost in u’r precious dreams

Why don’t u see da depth of my love
Why can’t u understand my restlessness
Talking about you helps me pass da night in my madness 4 you
I can feel u’r presence inside me

You are da one my heart is wishing for
Every moment my heart is mad 4 u
Your Love has filled all over my sight
You're da world of my memories

You're my season of my promises, you're da music of my Life
You're all over in my desires