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You're only a moment away from being more positive
and effective than you've ever been.

You're only a moment away from living life at its highest level.
The only thing holding you back is your choice to keep yourself back.

That's a choice you can change right now.

You've gone long enough evading and avoiding your best possibilities.
Now it's time to accept that you're absolutely worthy of the rich,
fulfilling life you truly desire.

That life can begin to be yours right now.
That life can start the moment you decide to stop hiding
from the unique beauty of who you truly are.

Yes, it will take effort, determination, faith, commitment and discipline.
And every moment of it will be infused with the irreplaceable joy
of knowing you're being true to your own highest destiny.

Go ahead, from where you are, with what you have, and choose
to be an active participant in the unfolding of your best possibilities.

This is your life, this is your day, and this is when the magic begins.

Ralph Marston