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People use all kinds of things in order to get a better sleep. Everything from Chamomile tea to counting sheep. Personally I like the sound therapy option also known as a sleep machine. These sound therapy machines have a sound generator which emits different types of sounds - calming sounds which cause relaxation and peace. As with anything else - there are different options available to you. For me, I love the sound the ceiling fan makes. It really relaxes me and puts me right to sleep. In that case I use the ocean waves option.

Other people like the other options such as Rain, Ocean Surf, Summer Night, Wind, and White Noise. Actually the white noise is clinically proven to put people in a more restful state. These are really great to use if you have trouble sleeping (insomnia and the likes) or if you live in a neighborhood with your house facing the main road. It also helps lessen the stress and relax the mind. I'm a big "mind racer" especially at night so this is perfect for someone like me! If you have problems sleeping or you would like to try one of these sound therapy machines, check out the below-mentioned products.

Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System - The Sound Oasis Sound Therapy system creates a unique sound environment that helps you relax, sleep, or focus. With authentic sounds of nature, the Sound Oasis System blocks irritating noise and creates a peaceful atmosphere so you can fall asleep faster, experience higher quality sleep and improve concentration. This results in better daytime performance, alertness, and comfort. Sound control for the Sound Oasis System includes a four position timer that can program the unit for 30, 60, 90 or continuous operation. The system also utilizes a unique "gradual off" feature that reduces volume when turning off.

Deluxe Sound Therapy System - Whether you have trouble sleeping, concentrating, or are irritated by background noise, the Sound Deluxe Sound Therapy System is designed to create a peaceful atmosphere by blocking out noise and bathing a room with authentic nature sounds or with its proprietary 'bio-sync' sound. The Sound Deluxe has advanced features such as three speaker (sub-woofer enhanced) sound, patented sound mixing technology allowing 120 sounds, AM/FM digital stereo sound, patented Sleep Enhancement technology, a voice memo recording function, proprietary 'bio-sync' therapy sound, and more.

This is packaged in a sleek design. The proprietary 'bio-sync' sound was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, the world renowned sound therapy expert. Dr. Thompson has helped countless people with this technology.

Sleep Bear Child Sound Therapy System - The Sleep Bear delivers advanced sound therapy for superior calming of infants and young children! "White noise imitates your baby's experience inside the womb and switches on his/her calming reflex." Harvey Karp, M.D., Acclaimed Best Selling Author of The Happiest Baby on the Block.

Dr. Fred Schwartz is an acclaimed expert on the use of music to reduce stress in premature babies, in the operating room and with hospital patients. Dr. Schwartz has pioneered the development of hospital-wide music systems and was the medical spokesman for Governor Zell Miller in bringing music to all newborns in Georgia. Dr. Schwartz has appeared on CNN Headline News, NBC News, National Public Radio, BBC and quoted in Prevention and Good Housekeeping. This has 6 options to choose from including white noise, intrauterine, lullaby, ocean, car ride and heart beat.

I bought my baby cousin the Teddy option and her mom says it puts her right to sleep every night and every afternoon for nap time. If we think it's important for us to get a good night's sleep then it should be doubly important for the children in our lives as well! All of these sound machines are incredibly cost-efficient. Plus, this is something that you will be using more than once.

In fact, I have one and a few people in my family do as well and we love these machines SO much that when they aren't on - we start to feel antsy and stressed again. Turn on the machine and its like an on/off switch. The stress and worrisome thoughts go away and you sleep.. like a baby!

Author : Kristi Ambrose