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Have you ever heard GOD speaking to you?

I have. One day i was dring for home. I was speeding the limit of 60km/h which was 80km/hour. It was nice as i tried to take past male drivers and felt good in my Honda CRV showing off. At a bend i realised that i was about to reach home and something came in my mind.

I said to myself, "I am about to reach home so why drive so fast as i was close to roundabout to my house. So i slowed down to 40km/h. As i took off from the bend and clear road could be seen, I saw police point radar towards me. I was shocked.

As I past by, I thanked GOD for telling me to slow down as I had provisional licence and would have been cought for speeding. I reached home and prayed and thank GOD again.

GOD always speak to us, but we have to hear. So in future if something comes in your mind telling you good, obey and see the result.