This is where we make fun of Religions and communities. Hilarious Community Jokes in the most harmless sense.
Determined to "take it with him" when he died, a very rich man prayed until the Lord gave in.

There was one condition: He could bring only one suitcase of his wealth.

The rich man decided to fill the case with gold bullion.

Then one day, he died. St. Peter greeted him at the gate and told him he could come in, but his suitcase would have to be left.

"But I have an agreement with God," said the man, "to bring one suitcase in heaven."

"That's very unusual," replied St. Peter. "Let me look inside that suitcase."

The man opened the suitcase to reveal the shining gold bullion. St. Peter was amazed.

He asked, "Why in the world would you bring more pavement to heaven?"