Do you always keep wondering about your Future? Do you ever think that life would have been a lot easier if you could understand your Boss, Life Partner or people around you better than now? You certainly need to go through this section in order to know all about this.
Yellow Sapphires are regarded as bearers of good fortune and believed to bring their owners success in their daily dealings. It should be worn on the index finger of the right hand.

When should yellow sapphire be worn
If planet Jupiter happens to be your weakest planet according to your horoscope, then probably you cannot miss wearing a yellow sapphire. You can also wear a yellow sapphire if you face the following problems related to body and mind.

Effects of weak Jupiter / Guru on your personal life

* Guru is the lord of all auspicious celebrations and indicates wealth, and hence a weak Guru is the most unsuitable feature.
* Also called as Dhanakaraka, a weak Guru can give rise to permanent cash crunch.
* As the energy level is low, a weak Guru gives rise to lack of joy, enthusiasm, weak will and lack of faith. Life would be devoid of meaning and optimism. Depression, anxiety, melancholy, moodiness and self-pity would be felt through out. You may lack compassion, friendliness or congeniality. Since Guru also rules the creativity and production abilities of an individual, you may not be imaginative.
* Children will give you sleepless nights due to their stubbornness and unpleasant companies as guru indicates them. As guru also denotes husband, marital relationship will get a set back for women due to lack of energy in the spouse.

Effects of weak Jupiter / Guru on your body

* Guru rules major glands like liver and pancreas and lack of energy to thrive will lead to malfunctions of these glands leading to chronic diseases and nervous disorders.
* All these tribulations can be overcome if you act smart now and start wearing a yellow sapphire

Specific details of the yellow sapphire to be worn

* Yellow sapphire is golden yellow in colour.
* It should be set in Gold.
* It should be worn on the index finger of the right hand.
* It should be at least 2 carats in size.
* Its hardness on the Moh's scale should be 9 (highest is for Diamond-10)
* Its specific gravity is 4.00
* Its Refractive index is 1.76 - 1.77.
* Its crystal structure is Trigonal.

Yellow Topaz is a substitute of almost equal energy. Citrine, is a weaker one, and should be worn in a large ring (five carats), a pendant or strand. Yellow Zircon can also be used.

Wearing your yellow sapphire for the first time

* Your sapphire should be first worn on a Thursday during the first hour of the sunrise since Guru or Jupiter himself rules it. Never try your gemstone at the jeweler's place.
* On the first day you wear the stone, the Moon should be in a waxing phase and the Guru in its own sign exalted or in a friendly sign, in an exalted Navamsa.
* It is best if Guru is in conjunction with, or in an angle with the Moon. A nearby astrologer can throw more light on these mystifying concepts. Select an auspicious time to wear your stone that can be worked out as per your horoscope. Never choose the day by using a general panchang or almanac. The auspicious time published in a panchang is not specific and need not suit you and your horoscope.

Mantra for yellow sapphires
Your gem holds no meaning and is just a piece of expensive stone, if you do not follow certain norms before you start wearing it.

* First wash your gem in rose water.
* Keep it immersed in milk for one hour during the first hour from sunrise starting from one Thursday to the next Thursday.
* Then keep it in rose water until the chosen date.

On the auspicious day you should first invoke the blessings of Lord Vinayaka (Ganesh) and recite 108 names of Lord Ganesha followed by mantra that are associated with planet Jupiter or Guru. These mantra puts life to the Yellow Sapphire that happens to be the gem stone that Lord Guru or Jupiter wears on his crown.

While reciting the mantra, you should concentrate on the form of Guru or any form of Guru you are more familiar with.

So recite one of the following mantra 108 times.




This mantra should be recited every Thursday during the first hour from sunrise for 9 continuous Thursdays. Guru or Jupiter is the preceptor of the Devas or Gods. His other names are Indra and Brahma, the ceator. His vehicle is the elephant. His legume is the chick peas, which can be included in your poojas.

It would be ideal to request a qualified purohit to do all the necessary poojas in case you find all these a little complicated. For more details and guidance please consult your astrologer.

Composition of yellow sapphires
The basic material of sapphire is known as corundrum - a colourless material formed from aluminium oxide. It is the addition of titanium and iron during the formation of the sapphire crystals that produces the beautiful yellow of this corundrum variety. Crystals of sapphire are found as hexagonal bi-pyramids - hexagonal pyramids arranged base to base. Because of its distinct shape, the sapphire is placed in the trigonal crystal system. Raw sapphire gemstones are usually water-worn, which gives them the appearance of miniature barrels.