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ImageSaleen S7 Twin Turbo

In 2002, the Saleen S7 was the fastest American car and it could be driven legally on American freeways even though it produced more than 500 bhp of power and 800 Nm of torque. However, the company didn't sit on its commendable laurels and introduced the reworked Saleen S7 in 2005.

This is the first major change to the S7 since its introduction and the changes were major. The engine power was boosted up to 750 bhp and the torque level went up to1120 Nm.

This car features a sleeker body as compared to the first generation S7 and also has a brand new suspension. However, the main change is the engine and under the bonnet lies the extremely powerful 7-litre V8 engine with a twin turbocharger.