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ImageFrom hybrids to hydrogen cells, almost every automaker is busy experimenting furiously to increase its production of alternative fuel and high mileage cars, popularly referred to as "Green cars." As crude oil hovers at an all-time high of $100 and an imminent fuel hike looms large the world over, it has sparked a huge interest in clean, green cars.

In India too, the leading carmaker Tata Motors has unveiled a blueprint to introduce hybrid and hydrogen cars within eight years. The rest of the world, however, already has a number of green cars that are not only running on the roads, but some of these are even giving serious competition to the ones that emit large amounts of CO2.

We, therefore, decided to look at the entire spread of green cars commercially available in the world today and chose some of the most popular ones for you. These cars may not be headed to India in the near future, but it would do Planet Earth a lot of good if more and more buyers have green on their mind. Have a look as these cars give a glimpse into the shape of things err… cars to come.
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