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I wonder

A dark night, sitting on my terrace , with cool breeze blowing thorugh my hair I was thinking about this world .

I wonder about this world which changes every moment , we can't even think about what's going to be happen next , everything is totally unpredictable .

I wonder about people beacuse they dont live in practical world . How selfish they are ??

I wonder about my friends , even my bestest friends , who also dont know what I am .

I wonder whether LOVE , CARE , DEVOTION exist today also. People in this world are pugnacios , bellicose , belligerent , no one have time to think about this world which is growing towards hell due to them only .

I wonder Myself , why God made me like this to care for everyone without any expectation of getting something back , I wonder why I am like this ???

I wonder how I can survive between these poeples , I wonder , I wonder and I just only wonder