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ImageA survey has revealed that men take only three pairs of underwear when holidaying for a week, while women take 10 pairs of knickers.

Researchers had questioned 1,294 British men and women who had been away for a week over the past 12 months, reports the Daily Mail. Many of the male respondents to survey tried to justify the paucity of their underwear provision.

Twelve per cent of men claimed that they would wash pants while they were away, while 37 per cent said they would be in swimming trunks most of the time so they would not need numerous pants as they did when at home. However, the pants plans of the remaining 51 per cent were not disclosed. The survey, completed for holiday site , also found that British women took an average of 34 items of clothing on holiday, while men packed only 14.

Men used 98 per cent of the items they took away with them, while women used 62 per cent of the things they had packed. Nearly half of the female holidaymakers surveyed took the opportunity to pick up new items of clothing as 47 per cent admitted buying new clothes while they were away but only seven per cent of men hit the shops for new gear.

Image Source: Thinkstock photos/Getty Images