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Test Paper :11
Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 23 July 2006
Test Location : BVC ENGG. COLLEGE
Posted By : Prasad



I got placed in Wipro on 23rd July,2006. The recruitment procedure is like this :

1.Written Test
2. Technical Interview
3. HR Interview


Written test: It consists of 50Q and the duration is 1 hr.
15Q from verbal (topics: active voice & passive voice, reported speech, phrases, one word substitute, synonym, jumbled word, Reading Comprehension)
15Q from aptitude (topics: Blood relations, number series, conclusion from the paragraph, time& work, time distance, theme of the paragraph, boats & streams, avg, clocks, directions)
20Q from technical (topics: C (3), DS(3), general(2), DBMS, OS, Unix, networks
Verbal section:

Fill in the blanks in paragraph(6)

Active to passive voice(2)

Find the suitable words (2)

Find the summary of the paragraph(1)

Punctuation marks(1)

Aptitude Section:

Analyzing summary of paragraph(3)

The sharp decline in the mortality since 1941 shows that who argue that the introduction of new chemicals has caused serve health problems are mistaken from 1940-1979, the average life expectancy for the entire United States population increased from 63.6 to 73.6 years, and the total age adjusted death rate declined by forty five percent, including decline in every age, sex and racial group. There were also the years in which there was a dramatic increase in the
use of new chemicals in this country. Clearly, then those modern aids to industry have no adverse effects on the general health of society. Which of the following is an assumption underlying the conclusion of the passage above?

A) The increase in life expectancy in the United States was paralleled by corresponding increases in other countries.
B) The growth in the average life expectancy in the United States cannot be attributed to any single factor, but is a general phenomenon.
C) The increase in life expectancy would not have been greater if there had not been an increase in the use of chemicals.
D) Growth in the use of chemicals was a crucial factor in the development of industry from 1940-1979



Simple and compound interests(2)


reasoning, basic physics, percentages, profit- loss...

If in a map 31/2km is replaced by 1cm then 20km is replaced by

Examine carefully the following sequence of numbers:
hint: ( in first row one 1, in 2nd row two 1s, in 3rd row one 1,........


Technical questions will be easy for a student with computer science background. Non-CS please dont worry, you will have a lower cut-off in this section when compared to a CS student. Questions from DBMS, OS, C, Java, Unix, Computer Networks, General keyboard shortcuts will be asked.

that's it friends. There is cutoff for each section. Verbal(7 to 9), Aptitude( 8), technical(9);

Technical Interview:

Describe ur college?

Tell me about ur self?

What is an integer?

What is a character?

What is an array ?

What is difference b/w character and an array?

What is a structure?

What is difference b/w array and structure?

What is ur favorite sub? (I told vlsi)

Some questions on vlsi.

Some questions on my paper presentions

Some questions on my mini project

Some questions on my paper presentions

What do u do on Sundays? (hobbies)

Some questions on my hobbies?

HR Interview:

Some questions on my weakness
How is it a weakness?

What r u doing to overcome the weakness?

Tell me about urself

Some questions on strengths

Some questions on my hobbies

Why should I hire u?
Some questions on my weakness
How is it a weakness?

What r u doing to overcome the weakness?

Tell me about urself

Some questions on strengths

Some questions on my hobbies

Why should I hire u?
That's it friends. Try to ask any Q to HR that shows ur interest towards the job

Try to give answers with sutable examples for each questions

By..... Prasad.