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Test Paper :4
Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 4 August 2006
Test Location : IT-BHU, Varanasi
Posted By : Jagdish Patel

hi friends,
The written test was simple.. u hav 3 sections of 50 questions tat needs 2 be answered in 60 mins remem u hav cut-off for each quest the sections are::
15- Verbal

15- Analytical

20- Technical

For the verbal round, don't ask to me because I really have not prepared much for it and I just passed it.

The analytical was really simple time n distance tey also ask u ques on sentence decoding n coding n sitting arrangements(A is to the immediate rght of B, who is between G and F) study even average, time n distance

Technical .. probably tats y I didn't face much problem.. tey ask ques on os, data structure, c, c++, unix and networkin But do't worry because the cut off marks for technical is not very high, Even I did only 10 of them. for technical information, look up to freshers world go to technical resources in the site its very useful

Around 125 from my coll were short listed for the interview ,.. the tech interview was held for 20 mins.. and just after technical interview you r informed that whether you r selected for next HR interview round or not..... If you r selected for interview round than your HR interview will also held just after it without time gap.....

Even in my technical round my first quens. was tell me abt urself. .. I answered it all.. then he asked me y Then he come on technical quetions.... I am in eletrical engg. so he asked about power system I think he was not having much knowlege in power system so my fatte was good enough for him...... I had told him abt my summer training experience at NTPC delhi. He asked abt wind power generation and I confidently I said don't know sir ........ then he asked abt any project that I have done... I told yes sir and it was sth abt software so he asked in detail abt it and I answered he also gave me one paper for writting a simple C program....

Now in HR interview the first question was again tell me abt your self.(perticularly family background)... then tell me the meaning of you name... tell me why would u like to change your field ....... I answered that sir this IT sector has very fast growth than my electrical core...... and some more fatte........ then he said what the thing most you like in our PPT ..... I answered that sir I always eager to learn and your company provide overnight study facility that will promot me to grow myself faster....... then he said would you like ask any questions from me I asked abt six sigma concept he answered me and said again any more question I asked one more abt electrical work in your company like making software for automatiom of electrical plants etc... He answered and said again any more question I said confidently no....
Hr was cool just be confident the hr will tend to ask u ques very rapid, try to reply promptly(like a rapid fire around).. tey r testing ur reflexes .. be bold to ans all ques tey also chk ur stress level.. and very imp hav instances to substantiate ur strengths..

In 20 mins results were announcd.. I was selectd.. gods grace to all u people aspiring to be an wipro-ian, be confident ..

All the best .. Jagdish Patel.
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