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Last line says one indeed..! :lol:

I have seen many examples as Buckingham and Coffman are saying here..and i feel they(such employees) are the most stupid people i ever feel..becos we dont live for others nor do we work for why we need to leave the organisation for others..bad bosses are always a good learning...somewhere about work or somewhere about the approaches..and about not able to retort an anger, i tell you ask the females working under such bosses ...there are other ways expressing your it in ur works that is the first thing they notice at workplace, dont leave ne loopholes and its as good as giving a cracking slaap on the faces of such people..

Mostly i remember the words of NARAYAN MURTHY once he said highlighting this very original topic..'DONT LOVE YOUR COMPANY, U NEVER KNOW WHEN UR COMPANY STOPS LOVING U' :lol: :lol: :lol:

Practicality and Reality is the choice man..!