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ImageShow business is all about creating illusions. And as the more alluring face of this fantasy, the heroine has to look like a breathtaking dream at all times.

Over the years, the Bollywood woman has become more confident about her body and is happy to flaunt its merits in teasing bits of clothing. That, however, hasn't reduced the popularity of the traditional ghagra/lehenga one bit. If at all, the new edition has upped the hotness ante to an altogether new level.

Here then, is a look at Bollywood's leading Ghagra Queens and vote for your favourite of the lot.

Katrina Kaif

'Everybody wants a body like Sheila!' You bet.
That's one heck of a flat belly. Katrina, often showered with flattering titles like 'Most desirable' 'Sexiest' 'Hottest', justifies the admiration while rocking a low-waist, mirror-work lehenga.

Image: Katrina Kaif
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