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ImageKhushboo Mendonca

Khushboo was the winner of Miss Pune 2011. She is currently training under Ritika Ramtri at Tiara in Pune and has worked at the BBC in the production department. She enjoys swimming, reading, watching lots of television and movies, cooking and runway modelling.

Age: 23 years

City: Mumbai

Sun Sign: Aquarius

I AM Quotient: To those who dream and dare there is no such place as far away; and yes, I am a dreamer, passionate about realising my purpose of living. I believe in myself, in my inner ability and strength to be an inspiration to everyone around and above all, I believe in being significant and making a difference. I shine wherever I go!

Strengths: Confidence, presence, sensible, compassionate, forgiving.

Weakness: Emotional about loved ones, sensitive (but I make these work for me).

Image: Khushboo Mendonca