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ImageBobby Layal

Pursuing her BBA, Bobby has done music videos for Jassbir Jassi, Ravinder Garewal, Inderjeet Nikoo, Jassi Sidhu and Gurvinder Brar. She has done advertisements for garment catalogues and Spice Mobile, apart from ramp shows across India. She has choreographed intercollegiate fashion shows and assisted in eye, kidney and lung donations. She enjoys exploring new destinations, Punjabi and Bengali music.

Age: 20 years

City: Ludhiana

Sun Sign: Leo

I AM Quotient: 'I AM WHAT I AM'. I am the daughter of that mother who has taught me to be independent, kind, loving, genuine, honest and most of all a simple and solved (sorted) woman who knows to handle everything and smile through ups and downs.

Strengths: My parents, height, confidence and personality and most of all my smile and a pure heart with no grudges toward anyone. I love looking perfect and ensure I make everyone laugh around me.

Weakness: I am very emotional and that has always broken me. I trust people very soon and I usually make them mine in one go. Although I don't understand whether it's an advantage or disadvantage, when people betray, it really hurts!

Image: Bobby Layal