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ImageAre you running after unreciprocated love or does he really care about you? Read on to find out

Your relationship is still in the budding stage and you want to find out if he really likes you or not. Read on to find out if he has a thing for you too, or is it just you who is running after unreciprocated love...

Date dropper
If he makes or breaks a date, as per his fancy, it means he's just not as much into the relationship as you are. Even worse, if he has kept you waiting and then not turned up, it definitely means that you are not his priority. And if he invites his friends along for what was supposed to be a candle-light dinner, face it, he's just not that into you.

No exclusivity please
If he feels that even after going on quite a few dates, that both of you should be free to see other people, it should ring an alarm bell. Guys are normally more possessive about women, than women are about men. But if your guy wants to keep chick-gazing, you are not on his priority list.

Check, please
If you are the one who ends up paying, whenever you are out on a date with him, then you ought to notice that. Well, most guys today aren't overtly chivalrous, but if he doesn't care to make sure you are comfortably seated or allows the door to bang in your face, it means he's not and will never be into you.

Leave your message
We are now in an age of advanced communication. If he really cares about you, no matter where he is, he will always inform you about the way to reach him. If you can't reach him, or even worse if he's making sure that you can't reach him then he just does not want you.

Buddies before love
If he ends a date every time a buddy calls, it means that he'll be a great friend, but not a great boyfriend. Emergencies and cricket matches apart, a guy can't really have any reason to wrap up a date and leave you to find your own transport to get back home. He does not care for you at all.

Away from the aisle
Every time you are about to talk about marriage, does he suddenly remember some important work? Or does he make sure that he keeps trashing all his and your married friends and note how happy you are? He may be in love with you, but he's just not committed to walk down the aisle. So if you are looking for marriage, you need to sort out the issue or just cut the stings and understand that he does not want a permanent relationship.

Won't hear out
If your guy spends most of your date talking about his problems and doesn't bother to ask how you are, then you need to let go of him immediately. He's with you only because he needs a shoulder to cry on. These kind of men are definitely going to develop a sudden interest in the ceiling pattern when you talk about your troubles. He's just into himself and not you.

Still married?
If he is still married, despite promising to get rid of his wife, he's never going to do it. Try not to let anyone take you for a ride. Do you really want to be the second woman in his life and let him have some fun on the side at your expense? If he met you before and married someone else and yet claims to have feelings for you, he's just not that into you.

She's better than you
If he keeps comparing you to other women and puts you down, it means he's really not fond of you. The first rule of dating a person is that you like him/her for what he/she is. However, if he finds other women more interesting, attractive and better company, then you ought to leave him pronto.

Mom won't approve
If your guy refuses to walk down the aisle just because his mum, dad, sister, friends or dog won't approve, you are at a dead end. It's futile to try winning over his family and friends because he has already decided they won't like you. In fact, he won't give you a chance with them, because you do not figure in his list of priorities at all. Run away from him

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