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ImageManifestation of God is the universe. Brahmn is manifestation as father. Brahmamayi, the mother, is of Brahmn. Creation started with them. Existence on earth is a manifestation of His Supreme Energy.

When an individual first appears in the womb of the mother, matter appears instantly. At that stage mind lies in a state of inertia. But mind and matter are but One. With their gradual manifestation the differences in them are identified. From that state the individual is in the domain of nature and a series of phenomena determine one's every development. Sometimes it seems mechanical.

Life is God's Divine Play. There is no birth or death. Everything goes on changing form in the stream of eternity. Being 'born' with a human body in this world is itself destiny. One who has a taste for God's Love wants to be born again and again with a human body because the taste of His Love cannot be possible other than in that human birth.

Your psychosomatic mind-body existence is essentially feminine, responding back and forth to the polarity of life. Gender differences are despite the fact that they originate from the same natural elements.

Human life is meant to feel His Divine Play and thereby understand the nobility of the Creator. The mystery of birth will be unfolded only when the sweetness and beauty of the God's Divine Play, which is the eternal Truth, is realised by turning consciousness inward.

When you take on a body in the realm of nature the power of Yogamaya, the Divine Creative Force, is bound to create restrictions and obstacles in the course of life for individuals, families, societies and even for nations.

Substance is One. The universe as we find it today is the result of a long process of steady evolution. The world is only a small speck. You proceed from the general to the particular, but ultimately the general and particular become One. Mahanaam or God's Name within, is there in everyone. Your body is the shrine of God.

Have no fear. The entire paraphernalia of nature is the creation of the Supreme Being, the Truth. For Divine Play, God has appeared as many in the mind's mirror. The Divine Play is intrinsically bipolar having positive and negative, ups and downs, good and bad. Oscillations between them provide the basis for all the creative possibilities of the Play. When you are in the domain of nature, you have to acquiesce in Prarabdha, the evolutionary process of your life and eventually two become One.

God never created you for suffering or bondage or agony. Rather He suffers for you because when you were born you forgot His purpose. Your ego is the root cause of suffering and bondage. Complete surrender to God is the only way to get rid of ego and know your purpose, which is to enjoy this Play of the Divine. Then you will understand what birth is.

Space and time exist only in your mind. Space and time each have infinite dimensions. Every segment of space is present in every other segment. Every split second also is present in every other second. So space and time are both ubiquitous. Time is ceaseless duration and space, unfettered expanse. Matter is One. Indistinguishable, it wears different looks on different occasions. There is no dichotomy of matter and spirit; they are one integer that is the only Reality.

By Dadaji A R Chowdhury

Image Source: Thinkstock photos/Getty images