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Some guidelines on writing follow-up mail in the event of your not receiving any response from an interviewer.

The objective
The key is to request the organisation that a decision about your application be communicated to you at the earliest. There are usually two possibilities -- either you don't fit the bill or the company is slow in making decisions. If you don't hear from the company within 7-10 days of the interview, it may be time to contact them.

What they say, what they mean
. "We will get back to you": In most cases, this means you haven't made the cut, so you should stop counting on this position.

. "Can you mail us your last salary slip?": You certainly are in the running and the company wants to know if they can afford you.

. "The opening has already been filled, but we will keep you informed about any new opportunities in the future.": You can leave now. If we want, we will call you.

. "We don't think this position will do justice to your skills. We will keep you informed.": Hard luck, but we still want to be nice to you.

Jog their memory
Make sure you restate the position you interviewed for. Also mention some specific details from the interview. For example -- your meeting with the sales director or a discussion about the company's growth plans with the HR manager, etc.

Remind them of the timeframe
If you were told by the HR manager that you would hear from the company in a couple of days or a week, state the same. It's also a good idea to remind them of other offers you are contemplating, without revealing too many details.

Request action

Be assertive and request that some action be taken to inform you about the status of your application or a decision be communicated to you soon. Don't feel guilty about being assertive, as this could be crucial time you are losing. Do not beg or bow down, no one is doing a favour by offering you a job. The benefits are mutual.

In conclusion

It is important to be positive and reflect goodwill. The letter's intent is to show the interviewer that you are thorough, courteous, efficient and, most importantly, sincerely interested in the job. You don't want this communication to sound overtly demanding or threatening, so don't forget courtesies and thank the organisation for its support.

Call them

Wait for 48 hours after you send a letter/e-mail and call if you don't receive any response. Ask for the person to whom the mail was addressed. If you are unable to reach him or her directly, try speaking to the HR manager, as your file may have been forwarded to that department. They should be able to provide you with an update.

A sample letter
Dear Mr. Sharma,

Thank you for interviewing me for the position of Marketing Executive on Aug 25, 2006. I enjoyed discussing the company's expansion plan and revenue targets with you and Mr. Chauhan.

I have not heard from your office about the status of my application. Based on my discussion with Mr. Chauhan, I was to receive an update by September 2, 2006. I would appreciate it if you could intimate me of your decision at the earliest, so I can plan my future course of action.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Anita Bali
(M) 9900009060
Address: XXXX