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ImageSince time immemorial, hair stylists have been accorded a certain respect that is unique to their craft. These people, who cut our hair -- often strangers -- usually end up privy to our deepest, darkest secrets and most secret ambitions.

With a sympathetic ear and sage advice, they make up for a lack of fancy degrees from prestigious universities with the type of people skills that can only be cultivated through years of experience. So much so that in 2004, Liz Mermin filmed a team of New York hairdressers, who travel to Afghanistan to introduce their styling techniques to women once oppressed by the Taliban regime, in the documentary Beauty Academy of Kabul.

Adam Sandler also explores styling in this week's release, You Don't Mess With The Zohan. Sandler plays an Israeli agent, an ex-Mossad member, who tires of all the espionage and geopolitical warfare, opting instead to pursue his one true passion: hair styling.

When he puts down the gun and picks up the shears, Zohan finds that he is able to make a significantly larger impact on people's lives and quickly becomes a hit with the neighbourhood ladies. In fact, what he could never accomplish as an agent -- brokering peace between Palestinians and Israelis -- he manages to do as a humble hair stylist, by appealing to the best intentions inside combatants on both sides of the struggle.

This is but one way that Hollywood has explored hair stylists. We look at earlier films in this vein.