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What it takes to be a Lakme Model?
'Indian girls have nice hair and eyes, compared to the rest of the world'

Adriana Adler, 23, a fashion design graduate, who's been working as a stylist in Germany has been making frequent trips to India to check the latest trends in the country.

She says India may not be the best places to pursue a long lasting career in modelling and fashion, but it may well be the best places to start.

"I have travelled to Paris, London and New York in the last three years and even worked with a lot of young models, helping them style their look and clothes. I've realised that girls in India are quite shy when it comes to exposing their features.

"They are very conscious about the way they present themselves. Indian girls have nice hair and eyes, compared to the rest of the world, but they don’t take care so much about their posture and the way they walk.

"That's where they fail and need improvement."

Image: Veronika from Slovakia says the fashion scene in her country is not very encouraging.
Photographs: Hitesh Harisinghani
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