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10 Wearable Spring Trends

Runway: Designers add glitz to both daytime and evengwearwith sequins, lurex and metallic lace.

Reality: You might have metallic overdose because it's been around for so many seasons, but this time try metallics in apparel pieces instead of just accessories. Soft gold or silver lurex or lace pieces have just the right touch of shine for daytime. Mix daytime pieces with white for a fresh, warm-weather look. For after-five, the more subdued metallics work, but you can also up the gleam factor with big gold and silver spangles and beaded short dresses.

10 Wearable Spring Trends

Runway: The skirts are so short on some of the minis and babydolls that they barely cover the model's bottom.

Reality Shorter may be better for shorts, dresses and skirts, but this is definitely a youthful trend. Get the same leggy look with a bit more coverage by adding a minidress with black tights or by putting a minidress over skinny cropped jeans.

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