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10 Wearable Spring Trends

Runway: Little White Dresses are shown for day and night time wear.

Reality: Wear the Little White Dress in place of the LBD (white to weddings is still a no-no, though) and accessorize with white or metallic sandals and big, chunky bangles.

Wear uncovered undergarments that match your skin tone for the most natural look; you may need a traditional or body slip for a smooth look if you opt for more fitted white dresses.

10 Wearable Spring Trends

Runway: Big animal prints show up on everything from handbags to trench coats.

Reality: Animal prints -- leopard, zebra, etc. -- are a classic, but that doesn't mean just anyone can wear them. First, you'll need to scale the size of the print to your body type (larger prints for larger or taller women, and vice versa). This time of year you'll want to pair them with white to lighten them up. Add updates touches like a wide belt or patent accessories and shoes.