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what is love?
I wonder
I wonder many times.....
Is it just a feeling?
Or something very special
Which is very touching
And deep within ....

What is love?
I wonder…..
Is it just having
Girlfriends and boyfriends
Which is needed
To keep up with the trends
Or is it something
Which is celebrated
during the day of valentine

Is it love?
When you like a person so much
And think they are special

Giving a bunch of rose
A sweet kiss…
A warm hug….
Is it what love really is?
I wonder again

What is love
I wondered…
I searched for love
All around me

I couldn’t find
The meaning of love…
What does love mean?
I asked my self…
But I knew

They say when you are in love
You are so happy
You are overwhelmed
You are excited
You are ecstatic
You feel only then
That your life,
Has a meaning,
Has a purpose,
And is worthwhile…
And you feel
Being in love
Is a wonderful experience.
Is it?
And that you can make
Someone’s day?
And be the world
To someone…?

but how would it be
to love someone…..
to be in love………
and be loved……..?
I knew,
Its not the same
As you love your parents
Love your siblings
And love god

Tell me wat is LOVE…, a romantic love,
a true love?
Is it something Very special
Which words can’t explain
And scenes can’t reveal
Is it a mystery???