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Struggling for a good JOB?

Deserve but not getting JOB?

Got JOB but not satisfied?

I know these and much more similar kind of confusing question comes in every student's mind after completing their education.

Don't panic friends; I will share with you some important and easy tips on," How to get a good JOB?"

Here are 3 easy steps to get a good JOB?

1. Search interest:-

This is the most important step. Now search your interest, decide in which field you can give your best, you can use your hundred percent, you can achieve success and of course with lots of enjoy.

Do you know why most of us don't enjoy in job? not because we are not capable enough, because we work against our wish, against our interest and what happened finally we don't concentrate on our job because we don't have interest and you know very well friends without interest we can do work but cant get success.

Just think about that guy who was willing to do an official job and now he is doing typical marketing job. Will he get success in this field? Of course not. He will do job but cant get success because he can't work with dedication, he will not love his job and you know without love we can't do anything. Love generates passion and passion achieve………… SUCCESS.

So spend some time to find your interest, it is very easy and if you are not sure about your interest then you can take help of others also like your parents, friends and your ideal teacher. I suggest you to find your interest do some paper work. Write down your interests on paper. Do you know only 3% people are successful? Why? Because they write down their

goals and planning on paper. Now decide where you want to go in 3% segment or in 97% segment. I wish you in 3% segment. All the best!

Now take pen & paper and write down your interests, spend some time here friends and believe me you will find drastic changes in your career.

2. Don't compromise:-

Don't compromise with your interest. Keep patience this time guys, take your time. Never accept that job which you don't like to do or which is against your wish. Definitely you will get some bucks in your pocket every month, but after some time you will get depressed because you will not enjoy this job now you will take this job as a burden and believe me this is my personal experience, that situation would be more dangerous and will affect your career.

I think an unemployed is better than underemployed, now most of the guys were thinking that I have gone mad, no, of course not. If you are an unemployed means chances are there in fact 100% chances that you will get a good job but once you get a job which is not according to your talent, interest and ability, then your exploitation will start and you can't do anything. You will be mentally disturbed in this type of job, because every person has his own dream and when dreams don't come true, it really hurts, very painstaking.

And you know the worst situation in this type of job means to be an underemployed, is that you will try to leave the job but you cant because when we don't get job there is only one problem to find a good job. But once we get job then we want to fulfill our parents expectation, friends expectation and mostly our expectation and when every months salary fulfill these expectations or needs then mostly people don't dare to leave the job because now you have become used to all these needs and for these needs you want money. But there is great difference between fulfill the basic needs and dreams.

3. Take action:-

The last and important steps, because you have searched your interest, you have decided that you will not compromise with your dream job, now you have to take action. This is very important and confusing step. So keep patience, I will explain you below, how can you get your dream job easily?

As far as my knowledge is concerned there are four main ways by which we try to get the job.

Walk-in interview
Through contacts
Online searching
Post resume
Do you know the success rate of these four categories? I also did not know and you know I was shocked, when I came to know that Walk-in interview is the best in success rate that is 40-50% success rate. Means there are 40-50% chances to get the job if you attend the interview with your resume at company office.

Second is Through contacts, surprised but it is true that is 30-35%, means there are 30-35% chances that you get job through contacts, friends, relatives etc.

Third is Online searching, which you would be thinking the highest in success rate as I thought but this is only 5-10% and we waste our most of the time in online searching.

And the last category to post resume is having only 3% success rate.

Now assume what should you do? Although online searching is in the third place but I assure you that online searching can be very useful, if we search systematically.

Means when you search job then search only job nothing else, it happens a lot when we surf we open lots of windows and forget our main objects. So search only and only jobs even don't check your e-mails during searching the job. Decide that you will search one hour daily, weekly or whatever you decide and after one hour you can do other things like chatting or anything else you want. Ok Guys. Now check some nice and useful websites which can give you lots of addresses, you may check websites containing placement consultancies.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. I hope you will put this information to work for you. I tried a lot here to explain all the useful tips but you can read more useful articles on my blog.

Keep in mind guys that every thing in this world can get but keep patience and remember there is no shortcut of success. I would be very happy to clear your all doubts online if you want just drop me an e-mail.

All the Best Friends!

Mohd. Faisal