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Confusion simply means a mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior. Under confusion, you feel the difficulty to pay attention and you suffer a lack of ability to think and act correctly and make decisions. But your career is no pushover matter that you can leave to destiny.

But yeah, Consequences Of Confusion Over Career Matters

To many in their late teens and for those in the age of 25 to 34 years, career options begin to look like a jigsaw puzzle, but of course for different reasons. If the confusion is not resolved in time and appropriately, teenagers and fresh grads will end up in the wrong jobs for their aptitude, or worse, may fail in getting a job altogether. But those who are already working may feel like they are not moving anywhere and their careers have arrived at their ends. They develop frustrations which, as a consequence, lead to job losses.

What You Can Do To Come Out Of The Confusion

The best way to face up to career confusion is to identify your passion. This is something that truly excites you and you feel you already are conversant with the subject. Creating a career involves a thought process that broadly follows somewhat this path:

1. Hash Out The Negative Thoughts: The defeatist attitudes like "I can't face strangers" or "I may not face up to the challenge in the new job" are shackles that tie you down to a place. These are just your fears, either genuinely due to lack of skill or because of a false inferiority complex.

2. Take Stock Of Your Virtues: Confusion also comes about because of expectations of your parents, relatives or spouses. Take stock of your interests, strengths and weaknesses. Give instincts their due credit but have a matter-of-fact assessment of what you can realistically do.

3. Every Dog Has His Day: It could be disturbing to see your less-than-qualified friends or coworkers bagging plum jobs while you still languish. Have faith that you are worth your salt. You can't change what will or what has already happened; sometimes, you will simply have to just wait for your turn.

4. Negotiating Through Your Career Options: Choosing a career from a handful of options is like choosing a shirt from hundreds of them. Follow a similar sequence of thought process using logic.

5. Try Counseling: A professional counselor can systematically talk you through your confusion through counseling and career guidance sessions. Career counselors are professionals who understand your problems and can provide the right direction. A visit to career websites can give you some direction to pursue. (though i personally doubt this option)

6. Get Some Experience: Getting experience in the career of your choice not just brings you closer to your dream job but improves your confidence level. Take up an internship, work hard and pay your dues. This helps build the skills which you need the most.