Features strange videos from around the world. Biggest collection of unique crazy videos that make you stare in awe.
Smack That ( Akon Ft. Eminem) | Choreo for Beginners
Cheez Badi | Machine | The BOM Squad | Choreography -Radhika
How To Study More Effectively For Exams In College
David Guetta | 2U | Choreography by Jojo Gomez & Okimura
How I Tricked My Brain To Like Hard Things (Dopamine Detox)
13 Unusual Facts About Females That Are Totally True
O SAKI SAKI | Batla House | Nora | Choreography PRONEETA
Belly Dancer Dubai
KIKE Y NAHIR Love Bachata FRANCE (Señorita DJ Tronky)
How To Read Anyone Instantly - 18 Psychological Tips
Laila x Baby Doll | The BOM squad | Svetana Choreography
4 Exercises to Test How Fast Your Brain Is
PC Dolls | Buttons - Choreography by Jojo Gomez
Gali Gali | The BOM Squad | Svetana Kanwar Choreography
12 Signs of High Intelligence You Probably Have
Only a Genius Or a Person With a Mental Illness Can Answer
What's Your Hidden Power? A True Simple Personality Test
Yaad Piya ki Aane Lagi |Divya Khosla| Choreography PRONEETA
Pepeta - Nora Fatehi | Ray Vanny | Choreography By Proneeta
The Humma Song - OK Jaanu | Dance Choreography
After Workout Yoga ♥ Best Stretches For Sore Muscles

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