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Test Paper :1
Paper Type : Candidates Experiences
Test Date : 16 April 2006
Test Location : Mumbai
Posted By : Jagdishkumar

Hi people,

I am Jagdishkumar from Mumbai. I attended a Aptitude test for Verizon Recruitment Process on Sunday 16 April 2006 at Mumbai.
Test was of 80 minutes and has 4 Sections, total of 75 questions.

1. Verbal Ability
2. Analytical Ability
3. Attention to detail.
4. C programming and Data structures.

I got good help from previous verizon paper provided at The paper pattern was almost similar.

1.Verbal Ability

It consited of 20 questions for 15 mins.

It mainly tests ur grammar. Study abt prepositions,articles.

In addition, there were 2 passages. One was non-technical and Other was technical.

Technical passage was abt computer security.

2. Analytical Ability

It consisted of 25 questions for 30 mins. Was quite Tough.

Initial 10 questions are of venn diagram problem of CAT.

Then there were some twisted questions. A cube problem of previous paper also repeated.

3. Attention to Detail.

20 questions = 20 mins

3 nos were given and asked to find how many nos are similar.Symbol substitution problems of CAT. Eg. * stands for /,
- stands for * and so on and asked to calculate was similar to prev. paper.

4. C and data structures

10 questions= 15 mins

Questions abt Queue,pointers,Dfs,Bfs,Inorder,preorder,postorder traversals,Kruskal

Algo, Dijkstra Algo.