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 by Saurabh  01 Sep 2006, 23:29
Test Paper :5
Paper Type : General - Interview
Posted By : Jai

Verizon India

Interview Procedure

The interview lays stress on your technical stream.The questions asked are from the subjects Data Structures,C Programming, Operating Systems, Computer Networks,etc.

Some of the questions asked were:
What is a finite Automata?
What is a real time system.?
What is binary search, traversal, hashing etc.
What is indexing in databases?
What is atomicity?
What is testing. what is unit testing, integration testing etc.

The paper consists of two parts, Aptitude and Technical sections, to be completed in 45 minutes.The aptitude section has 20 questions to be completed in 15 minutes and the technical has 30 questions to be completed in 30 minutes.
The technical section has the following break-up:-

1.Electronics-15 questions
2.Computer Networks-5 questions.
3.Operating Systems-5 questions.
4.Compilers and Algorithms-5 questions.
5.DBMS-5 questions
6.Data Structures-5 questions
7.C Programming-5 questions.