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ImageMixing it up in the movie world, Vanessa Hudgens is excited to get out of her usual character.

The former Disney star has been known as a good girl, playing Gabriella from "High School Musical," but she is ready to break the mold. "I have a movie called 'Sucker Punch' coming out in 2011 that Zack Snyder directed, and I'm very excited about it because I finally get to be an extreme badass and kick butt," she told MTV News during ShoWest in Las Vegas, where she won the Female Star of Tomorrow award.

The movie stars Hudgens as Blondie, an inmate in the institution with Emily Browning's character, Baby Doll, as they plan to escape. The film may be shown in 3-D although that wasn't the plan for the film. "I think it might be [coming out in 3-D] ... actually, we didn't shoot it for 3-D," she said. "And I just found out the other day. I'm just excited to know that when I throw my tomahawk, it's going right in your face."

And playing a new character isn't the only new exciting thing she gets to take on. "There were so many [scenes that I love]," she said. "I get to shoot a .50-cal gun, which is a gun that's on the back of a tank that's in the Army. It's intense. It's just the most thrilling thing a person can ever do is shoot that gun."