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Understanding a Woman

The world says it is difficult

to understand a woman.

because she is full of contradiction,

full of vanity, jealousy, greed and ego.

Her mind full of insatiable desires for wealth,

luxury and lavish lifestyles.

But the truth is, a woman is a reservoir

of love..

overflowing with compassion,

caring and forgiving.

With a heart full of sweetness,

A voice soothing and delicate.

A woman makes world troubles melt,

with just her full,genuine smile.

The kindness and tender feelings

only a woman can give usually go


I wish the world were kinder to this

kindest souls of creation!

and that is the....


"You can only push a woman once

until she walks out in your life on her own,

So be careful and make sure this is really

what you want!...

Because once she turns around,

she isn't coming back anymore"