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Test Paper :1
Paper Type : Technical - C & C++
Test Date : 7 July 2003
Posted By : admin

Ubinetics Test Pattern- July 2003

20 c objective Qs to be answered in 30 minutes
All questions are related to basic c concepts like expression, arrays, loops ,structure , pointers around 3 or 4 qs on array with loops
Since paper is very easy cutoff is very high.
They will select 20% of the student for the interview after written test.
point to remember.
Each correct ans 1 marks
Each wrong answer 1 -ve mark
Sample Paper

Some of the questions will not have answers .Please forgive us.

1. Difference b/n scanf("%s",msg);and scanf("%[^n]",msg); where msg is a char array.
2. What is ure of comma operator in for loop.
3. int shw(int *a){
*a = 10;
/* return stmt is missing */


int p=3,q=4;

q = shw(&p);

printf("%d %d",p,q);

4. which is true
a. all automatic variables are declared with in the function
b. all variables are automatic
c. all not declared variables are automatic
d. none
5. What is recursion. Recursive prog to generate Fibonacci series . Is it a best method?
6. write 7*a interms of +,-,<<
7. count number of 1's in a 32 bit integer.(i had not remembered whether array or integer).
8. main(){
char *s1 = "hello",*s2 ="abce";
s2[0] = s1[0];
9. regarding memset
10.Algorithm to delete a node in Double linked list.
11. Difference b/n fgets,fscanf which u will prefer.
11.What is creon and whats diff b/n 'at' command.
12. what is system call and lib function. whats diff b/n them. abt execve - expalin.
13.some thing abt makeall
14. write abt TCP,IP,ICMP