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ImageEven if you've never had a spa experience till now, it's not too late to find out how refreshing it feels to steps away from life's cares and into a world of self –directed hedonism.

But, more than luxury, Spa time is about self-care: when you don't make time for yourself, your mood suffers, as does your well-being, your look, and even your health. Fortunately, you don't always need to travel to a smart spa to unwind.

An easier more feasible option is to bring the spa at your home by turning your bathroom into a pampering center.

You could start the indulgence with a self body exfoliation but before that it is a must to create an ambience, which is soothing and calming with soft candlelight, scented flowers and relaxing music.

Get your ingredients ready so that you don't have to run around e.g. oils, scrub, body lotion etc.

Body exfoliation for a home Spa.
1/2 cup fine mineral salts
1/2 cup fine dead sea salts
8 oz Macadamia nut oil
40 drops grapefruit essential oil
20 drops lemon essential oil
10 drops ylang ylang essential oil

Stir essential oils into the sweet almond oil. Add the salts and mix well. Pour into a hinged tight sealing jar. To obtain radiant skin with intense moisturising, swirl the salt with your fingertips or spoon to blend. Scoop out a generous amount and apply with hand, washcloth or loofah to entire body, massage the salts all over your body in circular moments. Step into shower stream and watch your salt glow bead up and roll off your skin.

Then continue the indulgence with a relaxing massage as it is the best feel good spa service. In addition to relieving stress, loosening tight muscles, and calming the spirit, massage improves circulation, creating a wonderful all-over glow.

Start the massage by working on the pressure points of the face pressing the forehead, pinching the eye brows, pressure around the nose and massaging the face with all fingers.(Use some basic day cream when you massaging your face)

Sit on the stool, pour some almond oil add a drop of essential oil on your palm and distribute the oil all over your body start massaging.

End the luxury home spa treatment by soaking yourself in the bath tub topped with rose petals and pure milk. If you don't have a tub then just rub one cup of milk to your body and then take a hot water shower. Well do not forget to massage some body lotion.

You don't need a lot of time and money to treat yourself to some luxury Spa ritual. The only essentials are a bathroom, a quiet hour or two and few ingredients. So pamper yourself, relax, go ahead and indulge.

(Inputs from Kiran Bawa, cosmetologist and Managing Director, IOSIS MEDISPA, Mumbai).