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ImageMumbai is sweltering under the scorching heat of the summer sun and not just our skin, but our hair too is getting damaged due to the extreme conditions.

Trichologist Dr Apoorva Shah says, "Over exposure to sun can cause damage to the molecular structure of hair causing brittleness. The hair looks dry, dull and frizzy."

Dr Jamuna Pai, cosmetologist, says, "The sun's intense rays can really wreak havoc not just on our hair but on the scalp as well. Without proper care, you can get serious damage that is pretty hard to heal later."

"Hair fibre, is basically a protein and hence is susceptible to damage due to heat and UV rays, especially because the heat and humidity is very high here," says Dr Shah. The cuticle which is the protective layer of the hair suffers.

Sun's rays can work just like a too-hot hair dryer. So, the main advice about hair care that can help lower summer hair damage is to avoid using a hot hair dryer too often, say hair experts. Dr Pai says, "And, if you use hot curling tools try taking a break in summer."

Wearing a hat is one of the basic means of protection. There are also special hair care products like conditioner with sunscreen.

"The heat of the sun can swell the cuticle of the hair and open it, causing the hair to release moisture. So to combat this effect, you need to use a leave-in conditioner, which along with restoring moisture, will help to seal the cuticle and protect hair from sun damage," says Dr Pai.

The tropical weather in our country increases the humidity levels in summer, which makes a person sweat more than usual. The scalp being an extension of the facial skin is not spared from the wrath of the sun and the excessive sweat on the scalp makes your tresses sticky, oily and makes them fall flat, looking dull and lifeless.

Aesthetician Ritu Tanwar believes trimming your hair regularly is important. "If you have long hair wear it up in knots, braids or buns. Avoid leaving your hair open when out in the sun," she advises.

To add moisture and shine to your hair, make sure that you use a conditioner after you wash your hair. Dr Pai says, "Jojoba oil is an excellent solution for frizzy hair. Apply it to the ends of your hair to soften them."

Experts caution swimmers - make sure that you wet your hair, before entering the pool and apply a leave in conditioner as a protective layer on the hair cuticle.

Simple tips and a little attention paid to the crowning glory can help you maintain your luscious mane even during the scorching heat this summer.

By Debarati S Sen

Image Source: Thinkstock photos/Getty Images