Blondes are the most intelligent people of the world. Are they? Check out for yourself.
A newlywed blonde phones her mother and sobs, "Steve doesn't appreciate the things I do for him."

"Now, now, dear," her mother replies, in an attempt to comfort her. "I'm sure it was all just a misunderstanding."

"No, mother," the young bride wails, "I bought a frozen turkey loaf for Thansgiving and he screamed at me because of the price."

"Well, that is being a little cheap," the mother agrees. "Those turkey rolls don't cost more than a few of dollars."

"It wasn't the cost of the turkey roll he was upset about, mother," says the blonde, "it was the airplane ticket."

"Airplane ticket?" What are you talking about?" asks the confused mother. "Why did you need an airplane ticket?"

"Well, mother," the blonde explains, "when I went to prepare the turkey roll, I checked the directions on the back. It said, 'Prepare from a frozen state', so I flew to Alaska!"