In case you are a frequent traveler and like vacationing with your family or friends, you sure are supposed to know about the place you are about to travel. Here is a collection of articles which will help you find helpful information like modes of travel, best season to visit, etc about these places.
Get rid of obnoxious tourists.
Traveling? Here Are Easy Steps For Amazing Shots
If you're in a touristy area, you might find your perfect shot plagued with backpacks, maps, cameras, and that one guy taking photos with his iPad (you know that guy), but there's actually an easy way to clear a room using your camera and Photoshop. Please don't attempt to clear any rooms physically.

The video on the next page, put together by the Cooperative of Photography, has some very simple tricks for upping your photography game. They cover everything from keeping your camera safe from damage and theft, to backing up your images, and of course, all the possibilities of shooting the photos.
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