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ImageAPRIL: Celebrating new beginnings

Easter (Across India)
April 4

Although Easter is celebrated all over the country, Goa is considered to be one of the most popular Easter holiday destinations in India. Expect lots of celebrations in this former Portuguese colony with song, dance and carnivals.

Baisakhi (Punjab)
April 14

It is a festival that marks the solar new year and the sowing of the new crop for most communities in India. The date varies from state to state. Baishakhi falls on April 14 in Punjab and is the Punjabi New Year and the start of the harvest of wheat in the state. The traditional Punjabi dance, Bhangra that is performed on this day all over Punjab is the harvest dance of the state.

Nobo Borsho / Boishakh (West Bengal)
April 14

Nobo Borsho or the New Year is the beginning of the New Year for Bengalis. The month that follows is called Boishakh, an auspicious time for marriages.

It is also perhaps the best time to visit Kolkata because there are tons of fairs being held in and around the city. Of these, the most popular is the Bangla Sangit Mela a music festival that is conducted by the state government.

The thing to do is to get yourself invited to a wedding. That shouldn't be much of a hassle since we Indians are so warm to begin with. Or else you could simply gatecrash into one of them.

Vishu (Kerala)
April 14

This is supposed to mark the first day of the Malayalam year and is also the harvest festival of Kerala. North Kerala traditionally has seen more fireworks and celebrations than the rest of the state. However it's always great to be in a place of festivities in any part of the world, isn't it?

Bohag or Rangoli Bihu (Assam)

This festival marks the new year, beginning of Spring and is also an agricultural festival of Assam. Cattle is worshipped and festivities include paying homage to elders and having meals consisting of Chira, curds and sweets.

Bohag Bihu is one of the three Bihus that celebrate the three seasons -- spring, summer and winter.

Chitra Festival (Madurai Temple, Tamil Nadu)
From April 14

Chitra Festival at the Madurai Temple commences on April 14. A showy festival that lasts for nearly a fortnight, it begins on the Tamil New Year. Chitra celebrates the marriage of Meenakshi to Shiv and brims with pomp. Festivities include a spate of dramas depicting Meenakshi's life history.

On the eighth day a procession of elephants and chariots transport the nuptial pair through the town streets and to the banks of the Vagai River to meet Meenakshi's brother Lord Kallalagar (an avatar of Vishnu) who is transported there from his hilltop abode at Algarkovil, outside Madurai. This ceremonious meeting -- the logistics of which are mind-boggling -- has more than its usual quotient of Indian-style pandemonium.

Image: Farmers perform the Bhangra, a traditional Punjabi dance, on the eve of the Baisakhi festival.
Photographs: Munish Byala/Reuters