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ImageCamels on ramp, Xmas and New Year celebrations

Bikaner Festival (Bikaner, Rajasthan)
Late December/Early January

A stunning procession of camels walks past the imposing Junagarh Fort. This is followed by camel races and various other competitions involving the ship of the desert. The town also houses the Karni Mata Temple where holy rats are worshipped and on the outskirts is a camel breeding farm. The dates of the festival vary each year. So even though the last festival was held on December 30 and 31, the next one will be held sometime in January 2011.

Kagyat Dance Festival

This is a Sikkimese festival where the major players are the monks who perform dances. Each dance is a skit from Buddhist mythology accompanied by ritual chanting and music. On this day evil spirits are exorcised by burning effigies made from wood, flour or paper.

December 25

Churches are decked and nativity scenes are set up at street corners in some cities. While Midnight Mass services are rare because of court orders, Goa, Kerala, Chennai and parts Mumbai and Kolkata as well as the Christian areas of Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland are places where major festivity takes place.

New Year's Eve
December 31

The big cities of India celebrate New Year's Eve with verve. The Gateway of India in Mumbai, Park Street in Kolkata, and many parts of Goa are the scene of much merriment.

Image: The kaleidoscopic display of Rajasthani culture makes the Bikaner Camel Festival a must-see.
Photographs: Ajit Jain
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