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Happiness is usually considered the endeavor of life for almost everyone. We want to achieve high rank in society, money, fame to be happy and keep our family happy. But have we realized that what is happiness itself and its secret?

Believers of “money cannot buy happiness, because it is happiness” are the ones who have accepted that happiness is hidden in bag full of dollars and there is a secret way to it. But in reality there is no secret of happiness out there, its a feeling inside you, which can grow and come out with your purity of mind and soul. Here goes the most awaited 5 ways of happiness:

1) Find the Real Reason
Whatever you do in life, find a real reason about why you want to do this? If you will find a good reason to perform your work or job, your enthusiasm towards that job will grow with high energy. You will start to enjoy what you do and enjoyment is one form of happiness. Julia was a journalist in top daily newspaper, but she was not happy with her job. But when she realized the “Real Reason” of her job that she is bringing truth to the society, she started enjoying her job and now she is of the Board of Directors. Its not necessary that you do a CEO type job, a waiter can find a real reason that he is feeding people coming to the restaurant, a shoe polisher can find a real reason that he is making his client’s personality shine. FIND YOUR OWN REAL REASON.

2) Get Excited & Enjoy
Get excited as this is your first day of life and enjoy everything with what you have as this is your last day of life. Consider every day of your life as your first and last day on this beautiful planet with beautiful hearts around you. What you want to with it. Be creative in your life and get out of the routine you are following from years. Excitement is the key to be happy and keep others happy.

3) Build & Maintain Relationships
Loneliness is the worst torture of all. We are designed to build and maintain relationships with others. Every beautiful valleys, water falls, mountains are useless if you go there alone. It will be just another scene of watching movie alone on your TV (but at least movie will have more characters). Each and everyone of us has been programmed to love each other. Hang around with friends or family; learn to tolerate their negatives and focus on positives and maintain a healthy relationships.

4) Share (express) yourself
Keeping your content to yourself can harm you mentally and psychologically. Share your self means to share what you have, it can be your favorite choclate cake, books, or thinking about each other. Expressing the thoughts is not as easy as sharingyour cake but this point has made to top 5 of gaining happiness, so you should realize its importance. You may be husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends; expressing your self in a polite and constructive manner will take you to the another stage of connections with happiness. Expressing your self can turn the table in opposite direction, so it is important to make your expressions as polite as possible.

5) Dont EXPECT
Keeping expectations may harm your personality and inner happiness. This is the most important rule for your inner satisfaction. Ayesha (a college grad) used to expect much from her friends and whenever they get below her expectations, her happiness level went down to zero. If you do not expect anything (really ANYTHING) then every thing will happen will be above your expectations and your happiness level will rise manifolds.