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The Nursing profession is one of the most popular careers in the present era and a lot of vacancies are available for those who are dreaming of a successful nursing career. People have an inclination towards nursing profession as there is a lot of potential for earning huge money. Most of the foreign countries pay huge packages for those having valid experience and qualification as a nurse.

Since India is home to a large number of nurses, there are a large number of universities and colleges that offer nursing courses. The nurses get a small amount of money as salary in India, but if they are doing the same job in a foreign country then they would be paid more. So once they complete their nursing courses, they have to work hard for a low salary in India before thinking of making some decent money from nursing. When a nurse gains enough experience, then they can think about moving abroad for a better nursing career and life.

There are a lot of countries where Indian nurses work, and these countries are really helping their nursing career to flourish both career wise and financially. Some of the major places that I recommend for a great nursing career are given below.

Middle East Countries

Middle East Countries or the Gulf Countries are region where most of the Indian nurses try their luck. The major countries in the Middle east that are suitable for nursing career include Saudi Arabia, Oman, Muscat, UAE, Doha, Bahrain, Qatar etc. It is always better if the nursing professionals get a job in the ministry, as they would be able to get better pay packages and other benefits that a nurse deserves. The nurses need to get their all certificates attested from the respective Embassies, before launching their career in the Middle East countries as these days the certificates attestations have been made mandatory.

European Countries

European Countries are another major place for the nurses to build a career in nursing and the major European countries include England, Ireland, Austria, Germany and Italy. These European countries offers a good living atmosphere along with amazing packages when compared to its counterparts in the Middle East, but the expenses in the European countries are too high. One must also qualify tests such as IELTs and other nursing bridging programs before kick starting their career in these countries.

American Countries

American Countries such as the United States, Canada, West Indies, Mexico etc are some of the major areas where the nurses go for building their nursing career in the American continent. To enrol as a nurse in these countries, he or she has to overcome various hurdles such as English language test, nursing tests, other documentations etc. If you are able to overcome these hurdles, then you can easily dream of a great nursing career and life in the American countries. Among the American countries, the United States seems to be over crowded with nurses which has thrown some winds of caution to the nurses.

Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are two of the most potential countries which has a great atmosphere to enhance nursing profession and living style. For the last 10 years majority of the nurses planning to move to Australia for fulfilling their nursing ambitions and make their dream of a great living style come true. If you are serious about a nursing career in Australia then you have to clear IELTs and other nurse training programs before starting your career. The nursing programs that are available are focused at making a compatible to work in Australian hospitals. There are a good number of institutes that offer bridging courses for nurses which is backed by experienced faculties and tutors. The institutes that claim to offer health education in Australia must be chosen wisely and should be investigated enough before joining them. Similar to Australia, the neighboring country New Zealand is also one of the best place for nurses as it offers an amazing work atmosphere and good life style.

By George Szifo - The author is an experienced content writer who is currently associated with IHNA, which specializes in offering nurse training programs for nurses in Australia, along with bridging programs for nurses who aspire for a career in Australia.