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Autism on the Rise

That's the verdict this year: One in 150 children, instead of the conventional 1-in-500 count, reports a UN study. For India, that could mean over six million sufferers. Science has good news too: Dr Sumantra Chattarji at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, worked on autism and the Fragile X Syndrome (emotional problems due to defective nerve cell connections). And it's hitting global headlines. Time to cheer!

Get into Bed

That's exactly what young Krishna Mahesh did. He put his engineering skills and business style to work on a trendy hospital bed design. Stylish, high-tech, yet low-cost-just the boost India's archaic bed scene needs. With the first pat on the back coming from his alma mater, the Harvard Business School, Mohan is now flying high on the first Alumni New Venture Contest (not to mention the $25,000 prize).

Let's thank surgeons! The Association of Surgeons of India has adopted the globally-benchmarked surgical checklist model to bring down mistakes in the OT. Safe surgery, safe lives.

Kudos to the Centre For Advanced Research & Development, Bangalore, for its breakthrough technology, cytotron, for treating the degenerative illness, Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

If you need a personal health manager, try NationWide. Floated by Indian doctors from the UK, it works across Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. You just don't get medical advice but also a personal physician and health file on the Net.

Safdarjung Hospital goes one up on AIIMS. The spanking new Sports Injury Centre is not just India's only such property, it's enviable-both in technology and treatment.

A Pet Dream

Kerala does know how to serve in style. A case in point is the first 24x7 superspeciality hospital for pets in Kochi. With air-conditioned ambience, unlimited wi-fi, state-of- the-art machines, high-tech diagnostic labs, ambulance, house visits, insurance (not to mention beauty parlours)-here's a scene no pet-lover can ever miss.

Let There be Light

They have worked with Sankara Nethralaya, Bangalore, to make sure that your eyes get the best and safest lighting. We are talking about India's first eco-friendly rechargeable study lamp, BPL StudyLiteTM, of course. It won the 2010 international red dot award for product design, Germany.

Artemis Health Institute in Gurgaon practices the best hand in India. It's also one of the top three in Asia to win the Asia Pacific Award (WHO) this year.

Hats off to Mumbai's Nanavati Hospital. It just made life safer for time-strapped professional by bringing in the pocket-sized ECG that can be read on the Blackberry even when the patient is in a remote place.

By Damayanti Datta
Reproduced From India Today. 2011. LMIL. All rights reserved.