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ImageFor women, menstrual cycles or periods as it commonly called is one of most painful experiences every month. While some are fortunate enough to have a pain-free periods, a good number of others suffer from various symptoms.

These symptoms may include excessive bleeding, nausea, headache, diarrhea, dizziness and most importantly pain in the lower abdomen, legs or even thighs known as cramps. The pain may at times be unbearable and might prevent the person affected from performing normal activities. A cramp basically happens due to contractions in the uterus while disposing off unwanted waste. And if you are one of those who hasn't cared to be physically active during your normal days, it might simply aggravate.

Ways to reduce menstrual pain

- Use a heating pad on your abdomen and back which will provide a soothing effect and also reduce the pain to some extent.

- Avoid oily food, meat, caffeine at all costs during the menstrual cycle.

- Banana is known to reduce the cramp sensation. So make sure you eat one.

- Boil three spoons of coriander seeds in water. Filter and have the decoction. This will help lessen the bleeding.

- There are some who crave for food during their menstrual cycle. So even while you binge on all your favourite foods, avoid junk food.

- Make walking everyday a habit, this would improve blood circulation and ensure less pain during the periods.

- There are certain asanas in Yoga specifically to reduce the menstrual pain. Do those asanas but strictly under supervision. The following asanas are known to reduce menstrual discomfort, but do consult a yoga expert before you do it:

1. Svastikasana

2. Virasana

3. Padmasana

4. Gomukhasana

5. Paschimothansana

6. Baddha-konaasana

- Poses like Sirshasana, Viparita Karani and Sarvangasana must never be performed during the menstrual period

- If you are weak and have a tendency to tire soon during your menstrual cycle, do not run around or engage in activities that need too much exertion.

By Reshmi AR

Image Source: Thiinkstock photos/Getty Images