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Tips to Pregnant Women.

There are certain tips given as precautions.

* Always drink plenty of water. During pregnancy it s important to be well hydrated to maintain enough oxygen for the baby. Water is best for you, followed by fruit juices. Avoid carbonated soda which fills you up with gas and gives you empty calories.
* Travel by car, while certainly the most common, requires a few preventative measures. Always wear a seat belt with the lap belt applied across the hips, not over the abdomen. It s important to take frequent stops along the way to empty your bladder and to exercise your legs. Stop the car, go to the bathroom, and walk a few steps at least every hour. While in the car, don t sit on your legs; keep them uncrossed and get your blood circulating by contracting and relaxing the leg muscles and by wiggling your toes.
* When you are pregnant, you should be sure to wash all raw vegetables prior to consumption. Raw vegetables have the potential to carry toxoplasmosis, which is a parasite that is typically carried in the feces of cats. It can sometim
es get into the soil and contaminate fruits or vegetables. & nbsp; & nbsp;
* The optimum pregnancy diet should be relatively low in protein at the beginning, then increase it only slightly; meat, poultry and fish can be included two or more times per week because they provide iron, B12, and essential fatty acids; beans, whole grain breads and starchy foods are appropriate for daily use; and abundant fruits and fresh vegetables are essential sources of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Sweets, especially between meals, can be damaging because they increase insulin production excessively and thus cause excessive weight gain. The best fats to use are extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil, and organic butter in modest amounts.

* women should take multi vitamen tabs especially containing folic acid daily before the pregnency to the end of the 1st month of pregnency.this will prevent neural tube defects.
Begin pregnency at a healthy weight period.

* Avoid exposure to potentially toxic agents including alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, X rays, and illicit drugs
Minimize exposure to radio frequency, microwave radiation, and radiation from television and video display terminals. There are indications that these may have adverse reproductive effects, perhaps as the result of local heating effects.