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ImageDon't make fashion mistakes when you are at a party or on an intimate date. We suggest some tips:

There are some guys and girls who go out dating looking like they dressed in the dark. To make an impact, make sure that you avoid the following fashion mistakes.

Novelty clothing
Novelty ties, shirts, and other clothes are the opposite of sophistication. If you want to be taken seriously, leave the bling tie at home.

Loud make-up
Unless you are attending a cool, high -fashion party, chances are that too much make-up will look loud and gaudy enough to attract stares from strangers. Make-up should be to accentuate your features, never to smudge them too much.

Clothes that don't fit
Wear clothes that fit! Don't wear clothes that are too tight. Also, baggy and sagging clothes suggest immaturity and should be avoided, unless you are a rap star. This also applies to pant length.

Short sleeve shirts with a tie
Unless it is a uniform, avoid wearing a short sleeve button up shirt with a tie. It suggests lack of class and looks silly.

Smell of an overdose of perfume
It's nice to smell good but not so good to smell of an overdose of perfume or cologne. Always dab a little bit of perfume, so that there's a subtle touch of a fine fragrance.

Image Source: Thinkstock photos/Getty Images