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ImageLearn how square footage can magically disappear

Get familiar with the language and conventions used in real estate. When some one gives you an area for the property, always ask them what definition of area they are using. Here is why this is important:

Typically, the area that you pay for is higher than the area that you actually get. For instance, you will pay for a 2,000 square feet flat, but your usable area might only be 1,500 square feet. You will face a reduction in the area. In this example its 25%, but it could even be more in actual cases.

The square footage that you have lost is your share of the floor space of common facilities like walls, corridors, lifts, etc.). But, you will have to pay for the entire area, including the area that is lost.

Always ask what is the carpet area that you will get, i.e., the area over which you can actually spread carpet across the entire floor if you so wanted to do it. This, effectively , is the area that you will have for your end use.