There are few things whose knowledge alone is very useful & helpful in our day-to-day life. This section is a collection of such knowledgeable articles. Do not miss this one.
Don't interfere in your children's fights unless it's necessary:

Allow your kids to settle issues on their own. As long as there is no bullying or physical violence, do not get involved in their fights. When you try to resolve their disputes, you will be required to take sides and this will not go down well with one of them. It is better to allow children to handle their own problems as far as possible. If they are not able to do it, or you feel like the situation is getting to you, ask them to play separately till they are able to be civil to each other and find a solution. You will be doing them a favor by teaching them the values of co-operation, problem-solving and compromise in the process.

Honor their father:

One of the best things a mother can do is Honor her children's father in front of them. Even if you are separated or divorced, never speak ill about your spouse in front of your children. Talk about him with respect and teach your children to respect him too.