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As you tire of soothing your parched throat and struggle to shield yourself from the sun, you angrily wipe the sweat beads off your face. In all certainty, summer is here. Stepping out into the open - to take public transport, to deal with the parking boys as you hand out your car keys or to get yourself a cold drink during lunch break, each day is a battle against the unrelenting weather.

It is easy to forget that your skin needs special attention because you are caught up meeting deadlines and taking up more work to make the most of the longer summer days. Use this checklist to prepare your skin for, protect it from and flaunt it despite the onslaught of the hot and humid season.

Beauty tips: Look your best this summer


Whether or not you believe in the saying what you eat makes who you are, you would agree that eating light food and drinking plenty of water keeps you cool even on the hottest days. What is also true is that eating green vegetables and fruits keeps your skin healthy during the summer months when the skin is prone to infections and outbreak of acne.

Watch your diet

Treat your body regularly with green vegetables. Add cabbage, kale and sprouts to your daily meals in order to keep your skin healthy even when exposed to the harsh weather conditions. Salads made with seasonal vegetables such as cucumber, tomatoes and mint leaves will refresh your skin.
Avoid eating fried and fatty food because they add to the heat in your body and may result in acne.
You must ensure that you eat loads of fresh seasonal fruits each day. Look for juicy fruits such as watermelon, oranges and papaya since these contain water that keeps your skin hydrated.
Consumption of fish oil that is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids helps retain skin moisture. Don't forget to eat nuts such as almonds to get your quota of good fats. Opt for peanut butter over normal butter to balance your intake of fatty acids.

Drink like a fish

Drinking water is the best way to hydrate oneself in summer. If the skin is not well-hydrated it can crack, chafe and peel. The skin may also become sweaty and oily on humid summer days, so hydrating it will help wash the oil away.
Avoid caffeine or aerated drinks as they are acidic in nature and work as diuretic, leading to severe water loss.
Introduce a lot of cool drinks such as coconut water, fresh lime, fruit juice, aam panna and glucose-based drinks in your diet. Even low-fat dairy fluids like lassi and buttermilk are helpful. Crushes, smoothies and milk shakes will also help your skin beat the heat.


Whatever you do, stepping out into the sun is something most women cannot avoid. Exposure to its harsh rays not only dries your skin, it can also lead to early wrinkles, dark spots and patches. Protecting it is the primary concern during summer.