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15 Questions You Can Ask:

1. To whom would I report?
2. What is the most important (crucial) part of this job?
3. What is your management style?
4. Is relocation necessary or mandatory after a certain period of time?
5. How much will I be expected to travel?
6. Could you describe your perception of an ideal candidate for this position?
7. What is a typical career path for this position?
8. What is your perception of what I'll be doing on a daily (weekly) basis?
9. What are some of your company's foremost aims and goals?
10. What are the short/long term goals for this department and how do they relate to the company as a whole?
11. Where does this company see itself five years from now?
12. How would you describe the environment I'll be working in?
13. How would my performance be assessed?
14. Please describe the organization of the company.
15. When could I start?
16. What will be my main responsibilities for this position?